Sid Dickens

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A Forgotten Letter

Sentiments connecting life and emotion through the tradition of handwritten letters.


Gem of the mighty oak,

A symbol of strength and prosperity.

Adorned Cuff

My heart holds true, awaiting my future and fortune.

Ancient Cross

Divinity and humanity united,

We meet at the intersection of peace.

Apple Blossom

Blooms of grandeur transforming into fruit,

representing the beauty and bounty of life.


The Water-Carrier - Air Sign: Unconventional, intellectual, rebellious, sophisticated, progressive, humanitarian.


The Ram - Fire Sign: Brave, impulsive, competitive, pioneering, freedom-loving.


This tiny visitor, messenger of change, bestirred from winter's dream to the work of a new season, and the passing of another page.


Hold dear, the dreams and wonders;

The power to make them true lies within you.


Pieces destined to fit together, 

making us one and complete.


With compassion and empathy, we heal and renew.


Like the pure light of morning, you came into the world at just the right time.


With seeds of good will and thoughtful intention,

May we sow the foundation of our community.


A meadow of colours, joyfully together,

Creating a special gift that lasts forever.

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With a fighting spirit,

be fearless in life's pursuits.

Calla Lily

White flower standing so elegantly, 

embracing the purity of nature's soul.


The Crab - Water Sign: Protective, sensitive, tenacious, motivated, loving.


The Sea-Goat - Earth Sign: Patient, ambitious, persevering, authoritative, self-reliant.

Cashew Apple

Unique natural beauty,

bearing fruits for all.


Expression without words, 

connecting the soul through music.

Celtic Tree of Life

With the balance of strength and harmony, we are all connected in the circle of life.


Near or far, my dearest friend,

you are always by my side.


The spice of life lies in its zest. For its risks and their rewards, once savoured, taste the best.

Cosmopolitan Flower

Sophisticated and refined,

you are of glamorous character.

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